Vision Zero West Side

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Vision Zero West Side

As part of the larger Vision Zero Chicago initiative, Vision Zero West side is funded by a National Safety Council grant.  Through this program, plans will be developed for each High Crash Area that reflect local needs and community character. These plans will include data-driven responses to behaviors and conditions that cause severe traffic crashes.  The year-long program is embedded in the Community Areas of Austin, East and West Garfield Park, North Lawndale, and the Near West Side.

Outreach Process
Research & Data Collection, to create a profile for each Community Area.Listening & Planning, to gather community input into how traffic safety can be improved.Learning & Piloting, to create innovative programming and implement new ideasReporting & Accountability, to communicate initiatives and opportunities to neighborhood stakeholders.
The team of Community Organizers will
Survey neighborhood residents, community leaders, and other stakeholders regarding their transportation behaviors, habits, and beliefs.Build support for the community-driven safety initiatives and other Area Plan implementation strategies.Coordinate and lead community meetings, brainstorming sessions, safety-themed events, and other opportunities to educate and empower residents.Collect and analyze frequent community feedback, which will allow residents to ask questions, share ideas, and direct programming.Work with residents, community groups, faith leaders, Aldermen, District police, and other stakeholders to improve the safety of their neighborhoods.Utilize feedback gathered during the grant period to directly inform the High Crash Area Plans.

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Vision Zero West Side Program Overview

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Five Dangerous Driving Behaviors – English


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