Vision Zero is both the commitment and the approach to eliminating death and serious injury from traffic crashes.

By changing how we design, use, and view our streets, we can make them safer for everyone.

Vision Zero’s Core Principals

A traffic crash is not an “accident,” but a predictable and preventable occurrence.

No traffic-related death is acceptable when the tools exist to prevent the conditions and behaviors that lead to these tragedies.

Cities should adopt policies and technologies and build partnerships that prioritize traffic safety.

Both the public and the government share responsibility to improve safety.

Vision Zero’s Proven Methods

Collecting and using data to prioritize limited City resources towards successful and effective approaches.

Choosing effective street designs that prioritize safety.

Using enforcement to prevent the most dangerous roadway behaviors.

Working with community leaders and all Chicagoans to educate on safe roadway behaviors.

Vision Zero Chicago Mission Statement

Even one life lost in a traffic crash is unacceptable. We all have the right to walk, bike, take public transit, and drive on streets that are safe for everyone, regardless of who we are or where we live.

Vision Zero brings together the policies, partnerships, and technologies that prevent death and serious injury from traffic crashes. Traffic crashes are not “accidents.” We acknowledge that traffic deaths are preventable and unacceptable, and commit to using all available tools to influence the conditions and behaviors that lead to serious crashes.

Working together, we can eliminate traffic deaths and life-altering injury. The Vision Zero initiative builds a partnership between City leadership and the public to prioritize human life and the safety of our streets. The Vision Zero Chicago Action Plan commits to reducing traffic crashes that cause death and serious injury through an equitable distribution of  resources and inclusive community engagement.

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